Higashi Kitazawa Class ( SEN STUDIO )


This is a Suiboku-ga class where you can learn a wide range from classical Suiboku-ga using traditional techniques to modern Suiboku-ga and abstract Suiboku-ga.
Direct teaching by Shukou Tsuchiya. ★Due to the teacher's work schedule, he become the substitute teacher without prior notice.

General Class( Beginner・Intermediate )

Eligible Age:Over 12 years old
Monthly fee will be withdraw from your bank account.
The course can be taken for any number of hours during the session time on the day of the event below.

Class Schedule for 2021

10:00~12:00 (Wednesday)
13:00~15:00 (Wednesday and Saturday)
16:00~18:00 (Wednesday and Saturday)
19:00~21:00 (Wednesday and Saturday)

Apr. 7th, / 24th
May. 5th, / 22th
Jun. 2nd, / 26th
Jul. 7th, / 24th
Aug. 4th, / 21th
Sep. 8th, / 25th
Oct. 6th, / 23th
Nov. 3rd, / 20th
Dec. 1st, / 25th
Jan. 5th, / 22th
Feb. 2nd, / 19th
Mar. 2nd, / 26th


Fee:¥3,000 / 90 minutes
Reservations are required during the above Days and Times.

What You Learn

< Beginner >

You will learn the basics of how to use a brush and how to make gradation using hanshi which is F-5(350mm X 270mm).
Noble Orchid、Loquat、Rock、Grape, etc...

< Intermediate >

Usin F-5(350mm X 270mm) to Hansetsu(1350mm X 350mm)
Scenery、Peony、bamboo、Camellia、Chrysanthemun, etc...

< Advance >

Using Zenshi(1350mm X 700mm)
Scenery、Dradon、Other large works, etc...

You can choose contemporary from intermediate class and above.

Enrollment Fee



Upon notice, the class may be cancelled for a certain period of time due to the instructors' creative activities.
If it is within the specified period or number of lessons, you can take irregular lessons such as 2 lessons a day.
As a general rule, Cancellation on the day before the class date is not allowed, and you will be charged for one class.
If you are absent without contacting us for more than 6 months, your register will be removed.


SEN Art&Creative Consulting
FujiTV-Building 2F, 3-5-9 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku,
Tokyo 155-0031, JAPAN

Walking from Odakyu Line Higashi-Kitazawa Station in 3 min.
Walking from Keio Line Ikenoue Station in 6 min.
Walking from Keio Line Shimokitazawa Station in 10 min.

Appliocation and Inquiry